Face Down Seated System

Our Face Down Seated System allows you to comfortably sit down while you are in a face down position. You will be able to watch TV or read a book while you are sitting. The Face Down Seated System can be adjusted to seat anyone between 4'11" and 6'3". It will reduce the strain on your neck and back as you recover from your surgery. It's lightweight design allows it to be easily moved, while the durable construction allows it to hold up to 300 lbs. There are also adjustable arm rests and a Sternum pad for added comfort.

Table Top System

The Table Top System is very lightweight and easily adjustable. The open face design allows you to breathe freely while reading a book. You can also watch TV while using the MajicView Mirror TM. In addition, the Table Top System can be configured for you to use on your bed for sleeping.

MajicView Mirror TM

The MajicView Mirror TM allows you to watch TV or visit with friends while you are in a face down position. It really makes the recovery period much easier. The mirror is included with both the Face Down Seated System and the Table Top System.